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My last post talked about the Google Trends data for Myspace and Facebook, and why it’s not reliable – including the fact that sites have to opt in to letting Google access their Analytics data for even close to accurate traffic estimates (not only do you have to opt in, but obviously, you also have to be using Analytics to begin with).So I logged into Analytics today (which I use for backup stats only, as they tend to be less accurate than other stats systems), and had the option pop up about the data sharing.
I’m opting out (because frankly I quit trusting Google a long time ago – yeah, despite their “most-trusted” status recently – they’ve got their “we could do no wrong” image on the consumer side, but on the webmaster side it’s a completely different story half of the time). Anyway, I thought this was interesting:

Enable enhanced ad features and an improved experience with AdWords, AdSense and other Google products by sharing your website’s Google Analytics data with other Google services. Only Google services (no third parties) will be able to access your data.

Um, maybe it’s just me, but isn’t the whole purpose of this newer side of Google trends about sharing your traffic data (which they’re getting from Analytics when you opt in) with the public??

I don’t know about you, but I’d consider that a “third party,” and I don’t think they’re being terribly transparent about how they intend to use your data here, making it sound appealing for those using their ad services without explaining what else is involved (I understand not including a notice for things they’re still developing, but they know damned well how it’s being used in Google Trends, and so should those opting in).

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  • Staysure says:

    Google Trends measures popularity with many techniques. How do I know Google Trends is accurate? Simple, if you compare the same 2 things with Alexa you’ll see very similar results. Both can’t be wrong using different methods.

    Right now facebook is more popular than myspace according to internet popularity. Looks like Facebook overtook Myspace in April 08. Hardly anything between them though as Alexa ranks Facebook 6 and Myspace 7.

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