Blog Buzz on PR – June 20, 2008

Blog Buzz

For this week’s roundup of PR- and social media-related blog posts, I’m going to simply give you the list, sans my commentary. As usual though, being listed here doesn’t mean I like, approve of, or agree with the post. I’m simply including things I think are worth reading in order to help you form your own opinions on various issues. You know the drill.

NOTE: If your blog was linked here, please don’t leave a comment just to say thanks for linking to you. I hate that crap. And after the response to the last blog buzz post, I think it needed to be said again.

One Comment

  • Newt Barrett says:

    Thanks much for the link. I love your no holds barred style.
    I do some of that myself when I run across really bad websites–especially from Ad/PR agencies.

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