Blog Buzz on PR: February 11, 2008


Blog BuzzI’ve been intentionally avoiding the PR segment of the blogosphere recently – frankly, at times it sucks the life right out of me, and being busy with real work, house-hunting, and trying to enjoy a bit of life, I just haven’t had the patience for it.

I suppose that means it’s time to dig around looking for anything even remotely worthwhile in the realm of PR blogging again. This time we’ll do things a bit differently. While we’ll still have a mix of the good and the utterly ridiculous, I’m actually going to tell you which I feel is which for a change (with blog bytes thrown in just for fun):

  • Marketing and PR: Not Ready to Make Nice?Stractical File this under ridiculous. Those who still don’t understand the difference between marketing and PR hardly merit a mention. This is just another example of the narrow understanding some folks really have about the PR field and what it entails. Is it important to understand marketing if you’re in PR and vice versa? Sure. You can’t know what your job is if you don’t know what your job isn’t (and for the record, most of my work involves integrating both to some degree – that doesn’t make them the same thing, and it doesn’t mean all strategies are working toward the same end marketing goal as suggested here). – “PR is a specific aspect of marketing that deals with certain kinds of audiences and certain kinds of buyers.”
  • The Next Big ThingFor Budding Public Relations Professionals – There’s an excellent observation here that the majority of clueless PR folks really have a hard time grasping when it comes to the social media game. – “I would venture to say that the large majority of people have no idea what Twitter is, much less how to use it. Is it really the next big thing if only the PR people know about/use it?”
  • Public Relations for WebsitesShoemoney Show on Webmaster Radio (Not really “blog buzz,” but deal with it.) I’m not a big fan of Shoemaker as it is, and I’ve never liked much about what he has to say regarding PR in the past (too often touting PR tools in more of a marketing capacity). This is an interview he did with Chris Winfield on PR issues. Despite my general distaste for Shoemoney, I’ll give the interview some credit. There are a few points that I think PR folks should take note of, especially regarding whether it’s worthwhile to SEO your releases anymore and the link juice or lack thereof from an optimized release (I was honestly surprised by Shoemaker’s opinion on this – although it’s something I’ve agreed with for quite some time). I may not agree with every point here, but I’ll admit it’s worth a listen to give you a few things to think about regarding online PR. Some of Chris’ thoughts were actually really refreshing – always nice to know I’m not alone on a lot of these things.
  • The Definitive Guide to Social Media ReleasesBrian Solis Coming across even more about the SMR lately is seriously enough to make me lose my lunch. But hey… if it’s your cup of tea, enjoy. It’s certainly a thorough and nicely-written post… I’ll give him that. As for updated views on the SMR, I’m reserving those for a future post as a follow-up to an interview I did last week, so more on that later.
  • Ten Ways to Know You Work in Public RelationsPR-Bridge I don’t know if this has been “out there” before, but I just stumbled across it in a blog search this afternoon. It’s rare that I read anything about PR that actually has me laughing out loud (in a good way). This is great if you need some light reading to lift you up a bit. – My favorite: “At some point in your career you’ve wondered what class it was as undergrads that journalists got their halos and/or capes.”
  • Reporters Should Work With, Not Against PR RepsAdotas This is just a post I enjoyed in response to all of the “whiny little bitch” style bloggers and journalists  who have ranted about PR folks’ pitching practices without taking any responsibility on their own end. – “I work in public relations and I’m not afraid to say so.”

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