Social Realist Official Closure: Where to Keep in Touch


Social Realist / NakedPR has been retired for a while now. The content that I care most about saving has been moved to other sites I run (like the social media section of

At this point, I don’t feel it’s worth maintaining the rest of the archive here (worrying about updates and potential vulnerabilities for example). So in the next week or two, I’m making a change.

This blog will officially go “poof.” I’m taking it offline, and moving any remaining content I feel is worth saving over to All Indie Writers. This is a site I run for freelance writers, independent authors, and professional bloggers. It’s also the main place for my social media related chatter these days, making it the most fitting move / merger option. After I’ve moved and redirected any save-worthy pages and posts, I’ll redirect the main domain over to the new site.

If your interest is primarily social networking and PR, you probably won’t be interested. I encourage you to unsubscribe if you’re still subscribed to the feed. If you’re interested in the writing side of the social spectrum, and especially blogging, then I encourage you to check it out and consider joining the (free) community. And don’t forget, I’ll be launching The Bad Marketing Blog before too long. So stop by and sign up for the email list if you’d like to be notified of any updates about the launch.

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