Social Realist Official Closure: Where to Keep in Touch


Social Realist / NakedPR has been retired for a while now. The content that I care most about saving has been moved to other sites I run (like the social media section of

At this point, I don’t feel it’s worth maintaining the rest of the archive here (worrying about updates and potential vulnerabilities for example). So in the next week or two, I’m making a change.

This blog will officially go “poof.” I’m taking it offline, and moving any remaining content I feel is worth saving over to All Indie Writers. This is a site I run for freelance writers, independent authors, and professional bloggers. It’s also the main place for my social media related chatter these days, making it the most fitting move / merger option. After I’ve moved and redirected any save-worthy pages and posts, I’ll redirect the main domain over to the new site.

If your interest is primarily social networking and PR, you probably won’t be interested. I encourage you to unsubscribe if you’re still subscribed to the feed. If you’re interested in the writing side of the social spectrum, and especially blogging, then I encourage you to check it out and consider joining the (free) community. And don’t forget, I’ll be launching The Bad Marketing Blog before too long. So stop by and sign up for the email list if you’d like to be notified of any updates about the launch.

NakedPR Lives On: Taking Down “Bad Marketing”


Well, sort of. Most of my old NakedPR content will remain archived here. Some of the better posts will remain at their new home on my small business blog, But with the retirement of this blog, the spirit of NakedPR hung in limbo. Until now.

One of the audiences I write for at my primary blog, All Indie Writers, consists of professional bloggers. For the benefit of newer bloggers getting into the game, I’m running a three-month blogging challenge where I’ll try to show them what it looks like to lay a solid foundation for a new blog over the first few months. To do that, I’m launching a new blog of my own.

That blog is The Bad Marketing Blog.

The Bad Marketing Blog

The Bad Marketing Blog will revive the spirit of NakedPR and combine it with the kinds of helpful tutorials and resources I try to feature at All Indie Writers. But the primary purpose is to help business owners wade through the cesspool of marketing bullshit they’re exposed to on a regular basis from the black hats, pseudo-gurus, and promo whores of the world.

I’ll expose bad marketing advice, share sometimes-hilarious marketing mishaps, and offer plenty of tips and tools along the way to help steer readers down a better path for their businesses. While the primary focus is obviously marketing, I will discuss PR issues there as well due to the relationship between the two disciplines.

Want to know more? Visit the latest update at All Indie Writers where I discuss what’s going on behind the scenes, share more background on the types of topics you can expect to see covered, and share a couple of sneak peek screenshots to let you see what’s coming. Comments here are closed because is still officially retired. But you’re welcome to comment on the official post linked above.

Don’t forget. The target launch date is May 1st. You can visit the site now to sign up for the list where you’ll receive a launch announcement, stay up-to-date on posts, and receive all future subscribers-only freebies I release.

I hope to see you there!

Social Realist is Retired


This probably won’t come as a surprise to most of our remaining subscribers, but Social Realist (formerly NakedPR) is officially retired. I wanted to make that announcement for a few reasons:

  1. I still receive guest post requests here even though there haven’t been updates in quite some time. I do not accept them for this site, and that will not change.
  2. Some of the more evergreen content here at Social Realist will be moved to the social media section of BizAmmo, my small business blog. If you find it linked here, it should automatically redirect you to the post’s new home. If you’re linking to individual posts from your own site or blog, you might opt to update the links. That content will most likely be moved later today, although it will roll out gradually on the site over the course of the week.
  3. I wanted to let you know where I’m spending my time these days for those who have an interest. I primarily blog at All Indie Writers about freelance writing, indie publishing, and blogging. I talk about writing from the business perspective on my business writing blog at I write about small business (and will write about social media) at as mentioned above. And of course you can still find me on Twitter @AllIndieWriters or on Google Plus +JenniferMattern.  While I write for a number of other sites, those are the primary places you’ll find me moving forward now that Social Realist is retired with no plans to bring it back.


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